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Writing with iLit: A Teacher's Perspective

This post is written by Brooke Mackoul, teacher in Jacksonville, FL.

iLit helps students improve their writing in several ways. I really like the rubrics that are provided in the interactive reader. I have given each student a copy and also posted the rubric in my room. This way when students write on other occasions they are using the same rubric and are graded the same. Students do not realize how much they do know and how their background knowledge can help their writing. It also makes them go back to the text for support. Feedback is easy since I can pick the parts they are missing and let them know almost immediately. If they are missing text support then they know they need to go back and re-read, this helps their reading comprehension. One strategy that I use while students are prewriting or prepping for their interactive reader is, they have to write a $2 summary on each page/slide. They write 20 words (each word is .10 cents) and they must grasp the main idea of that page. This way when they get to the end and go to write they have what they need already. This gives them more time to perfect their writing instead of going back and re-reading.


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  • Can you send me a copy of the rubric? My students have been using iLit, and have been really struggling with the summary writing. The rubric would be VERY helpful!
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