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This post is written by Brooke Mackoul, teacher in Jacksonville, FL.

iLit helps students improve their writing in several ways. I really like the rubrics that are provided in the interactive reader. I have given each student a copy and also posted the rubric in my room. This way when students write on other occasions they are using the same rubric and are graded the same. Students do not realize how much they do know and how their background knowledge can help their writing. It also makes them go back to the text for support. Feedback is easy since I can pick the parts they are missing and let them know almost immediately. If they are missing text support then they know they need to go back and re-read, this helps their reading comprehension. One strategy that I use while students are prewriting or prepping for their interactive reader is, they have to write a $2 summary on each page/slide. They write 20 words (each word is .10 cents) and they must grasp the main idea of that page. This way when they get to the end and go to write they have what they need already. This gives them more time to perfect their writing instead of going back and re-reading.


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New iLit Whitepaper by author Jim Cummins!

The iLit team is happy to bring you an outstanding whitepaper written by distinguished iLit author, Jim Cummins.  Dr. Cummins is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto and has extensive experience in the areas of bilingual and multicultural education.  Through his vast number of published books and articles with extensive time spent in the field, Dr. Cummins brings a wealth of expertise to the iLit authorship team.  We are honored to share with you his most recent work.

Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction: The Central Role of Literacy Engagement, Dr. Jim Cummins

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iLit and iPads in 2017

Thank you for your continued use and dedication to iLit.  We are looking forward to an amazing 2017.  In an effort to provide the best experience and uninterrupted delivery of iLit, we ask you to review the steps below. If iPads are being used with iLit in your District/School then please review the scenarios described below and complete the needed actions.  

Note:  This only applies to iPad users.  If you use laptops, browsers, Chromebooks, Android devices or Windows devices then this email does not impact you.

Scenario 1 - iLit App was downloaded from or IPA file sent via MDM

All iLit apps that were downloaded from will need to be redownloaded.  The following are your download options.

Option 1 - Delete the current app and download from the Apple App Store via the iPad.  It is important to note that with this option you will need to first delete the current app and that no data will be lost. This download will likely require an iTunes Username and Password.  By updating through the Apple App Store, you will be notified and able to easily update the iLit app using normal iPad update process.  In order to insure that there is no interrupted experience with iLit this option will need to be completed any time prior to December 28, 2016.

Option 2 - Redownload the iLit app from  After December 28, 2016, visit from the browser on your iPad.  Click on iLit Apps and download the apps you would like to update.  This step will require you to “Trust” the iLit app on your iPad.  Please click this link if you need guidance on how to “Trust” the iLit app.

Scenario 2 - iLit App was downloaded from Apple App Store

All iLit Apps downloaded from the Apple App Store do not need any further action.

If you have any questions please contact Pearson Technical Support:  800-234-5832

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When do you send out the MOY GRADE?

This time of year, we get this question a lot.  If your iLit class started in August or September, please plan on administering the Mid-Year GRADE prior to leaving for the December holiday break.  If you started after September, please plan on sending out the assessment in January.  For iLit 45/ELL/90, the MOY GRADE can be found in Unit 3.  Even if you haven't reached Unit 3, please advance your assignments to Unit 3 and send from the Assessments Tab.  Please feel free to ask a GRADE related question in the comments below.

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