Summer Access

Great news!  Classview is accessible throughout the summer.  Teachers and students can access their 2017 iLit and myELD-Companion classes.  Please see the URL change that will occur on July 2nd.

  • teachilit.com TO ss.teachilit.com
  • learnilit.com TO ss.learnilit.com
  • projectilit.com TO ss.projectilit.com
  • teachmyeld.com TO ss.teachmyeld.com
  • learnmyeld.com TO ss.learnmyeld.com
  • projectmyeld.com to ss.projectmyeld.com
  • classview.co or classview.net TO ss.classview.co or ss.classview.net

Planning Ahead for 2018

As we look forward to the 2018 school year, the iLit/myELD team would like to let you know about how to get your classes started next year.

Click - https://goo.gl/is3a3U to see how we can help in planning for next year. 

We will share with you curriculum and program updates mid-summer.

Redesigned Printable Workbooks

Thank you for your patience while we redesigned our workbooks!  Please find the myPerspectives, ELD Companion Workbooks here and the iLitELL Workbooks here.

Need Help with Mapping iLit and ACCESS?

We just posted new resources.  Please check them out on our Language Page or click HERE.

New iLit Whitepaper

The iLit team is proud to announce a new whitepaper presented by one of iLit's distinguished authors, Jim Cummins.  Please click here to view the article and ask questions.

New Feature! Selective Broadcast for iLit 90/ELL/45

Discuss and ask questions here

2017 iPad Announcement

Please click the link here to see our announcement about iPads and iLit in 2017.

When do you send out the MOY GRADE?

Everyone is asking!  Please join the conversation here.

New iLit Documents and Guides

We are happy to provide you some new pacing guides, scope and sequences, as well as a new data and reporting guide.  Please see the links below.

iLit Data and Reporting Guide

iLit ELL/45 Scope and Sequence

iLit ELL/45 Pacing Guide: Level F

iLit FAQ

Nominate Your Favorite ELL Teacher

We're Just Getting Started!

We Missed You!


iLit U - Summer Edition

Thank you Teachers!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, iLit wants to say THANK YOU to our outstanding teachers.  

"Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind.  The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another." - Marva Collins

Thank you for being that SPARK!

iLit PLC reaches 1000!

We now have 1000 members enrolled in the iLit Professional Learning Community!  Thank you to our teachers, administrators and support staff who joined in the site's first year.  

Visit often to stay informed about iLit with updates on new releases, teaching content, and of course professional learning!

New Reporting Tools for Administrators

Step 1) Log into Classview (classview.co)
Step 2) Click on REPORTING in the blue navigation bar.
Step 3) Locate and click on EXPORTABLE REPORTS.
Step 4) You are provided options to export Reading Growth and Skill-based Reports.
Step 5) Click EXPORT.  The report you chose will download as a .csv file, viewable in Excel or any other spreadsheet program.
For the Reading Growth Report - The columns identify the Grade Level Equivalency (GLE) of each student that completed that week's Interactive Reading assignment.  If you don't see data for specific weeks, either the student did not complete the Interactive Reader or the teacher did not score the Interactive Reader.  Please email your Project Manager if you have questions about Reading Growth or the Interactive Reader.
For the Skill-based Report - The columns identify which Skill Set and Skill are being reported.  The numbers listed are cumulative percentages based on assignments and assessments in iLit tagged with those skills.  For example, an 88 in the column labeled Grammar:Pronouns is the percentage mastery of all assignments and assessments tagged with this skill.  Please email your Project Manager if you have questions about Skill-based reporting or how to read the reports.

iLit Success Stories

Student success is what drives the iLit team.  Please see the latest success stories curated by our iLit team.  Feel free to send your success story to joseph.bartlett@pearson.com

From Milissa in Indiana - 

"Okay so I didn't think I could get prouder of my kids or iLit but it just happened!  We have always kept our technology at the school but this year they have had Chomebooks and we allowed them to take them home last night.  Now mind you these are 6th graders that have free Chromebooks on a Friday!!! Instead of goofing around MY KIDS came home and worked on iLit assignments, emailed me questions, and are ASKING for more writing assignments!!!!  Thank you iLit!!! "

iLit App Release

Download the latest iLit Apps from PearsonAppStore.com 

This release is iLit 5.2.4.  You can also launch iLit in your browser through the Pearson App Store to ensure you're viewing the latest version.  Remember to clear your browser cache or history on a regular basis!

Have you cleared your browser lately?

We recommend periodically clearing your browsing history by clearing the browser's cache and cookies.  Learn how on our Support page here.

iLit wins the 2015 Tech & Learning magazine Award of Excellence

The winning products will be featured in the December 2015 issue of “Tech & Learning” magazine, as well as on its website.

Honored for the third consecutive year, the iLit mobile app is a comprehensive digital literacy solution designed to produce two or more years of reading growth in an academic year for students in grades 4-10. The intervention program offers personalized learning support based on students’ instructional needs, with engaging interactivities and built-in reward systems that motivate and track progress.
Developed to accelerate English language development, iLit ELL’s proven, research-based, digital intervention is enhanced with explicit, point-of-use scaffolding and content to support English language development so English learners can build academic language through word study; develop prosody with the English language; engage in academic discourse by improving English language production; and become independent readers who are successful working at grade level.

Engaging Adolescent Readers

Read this month's Inspired Blog post by iLit author, William G. Brozo, on engaging adolescent readers by relating what students are reading in school to what is going on in their own world.  


iLit teachers and administrators,

Thank you for all that you do every day to help your students overcome challenges and develop into strong readers and communicators. We are here to partner with you and support you in every way possible to help you succeed.

To help support you, we launched this Professional Learning Community just over a month ago. We have been excited to see more and more teachers and administrators from across the country—and the globe—joining the community each week.

Here we will post new articles from our authors, provide suggested activities, announce new features, add teaching resources (including many printable resources), and offer professional development support. Please let us know what else we can do to support you. 

Two recently added features that you may want to check out: the Poll and Buzz features. Found in the lower right-hand corner of the Teacher App under the label “Connect,” these features allow you to create your own whole-class polls and assessments on the fly, send individual students or the whole class messages, and reward students with stars for strong performance. To send comments and stars to students, select the students from the list, either type in comments or select the ones that are pre-populated, add stars as appropriate, then hit “Buzz.” At the end of the week, you can project the top stars for the class by tapping or clicking “Project Top Stars.”

Last week we released the latest version of iLit: 5.2.3.    

You can check that you are using this version by clicking on the three dots (...) in the toolbar at the bottom right of the Teacher or Student App.

Visit PearsonAppStore.com to download the updated apps or to launch the newest version in your browser.  It is a good idea to periodically clear your browsing history to be sure you are launching the newest version.

Need More Help with iLit?

Please visit MyPearsonTraining for On Demand Professional Development, Live Virtual Training and Step by Step Guides.  You can also Chat Live with an iLit Educational Specialist.  Click HERE to see what we have to offer.

iLit Welcome Letter for Parents & Caregivers

Find a Welcome letter for home communication in English and Spanish under Teacher Resources here.


Amy Wilson left a comment on
"What do the different letter levels correspond to in terms of grades? I'm not sure which to choose, A-G, when setting up classes for my 9th graders."
4 hours ago
Joseph Bartlett left a comment on
"Hi Jessica. Every year, the iLit database is wiped clean. No data is transferred. To see student data from last year, visit ss.classview.net and login with your credentials from last year."
Aug 10
Jessica Millard left a comment on
"Help! How can I move students to a new class without losing all their data from the past year?"
Aug 10
Craig Trejo updated their profile photo
Aug 9
Joseph Bartlett left a comment on
"Hi Bridget. Which iLit program do you use?"
Aug 9
Bridget Cahill Hagerman left a comment on
"Hi there. I am looking for the Level E pacing guide or, at the very least, a list of the texts for each Unit of Level E. Thanks!"
Aug 8
Joseph Bartlett left a comment on
"Hi Kristin. Thank you for the reminder. Please see the link below for the iLit Updates. Also, we are planning a Facebook Live event to demo what's new.
Aug 8
Kristin Tipler left a comment on
"In the Planning Ahead for 2018 Section of this Ning, it states that curriculum and program updates would be shared mid-summer. Where would I locate those?"
Aug 8
Joseph Bartlett left a comment on
"Hi Lisa. There are journal prompts in the Time to Read section and we also encourage teachers to create their own if they would like."
Aug 1
Lisa Pokorny left a comment on
"Students will be reading independently each day. Has iLit created a set of questions that can be used for journal writing for their reading? Where can I find them?
Jul 29
Joseph Bartlett left a comment on
"Hi Lisa. Thank you for your question. You should be hearing from a member of our PD team shortly. In the meantime, please find a lot of information about grades, assessments and overall use of iLit on mypearsontraining.com."
Jul 18
Lisa Pokorny left a comment on
"Does this program have a mid-year and end-of-year test that we can give for final exams. Where can we find that information once we get our log-ins?"
Jul 13
Christina Anderson updated their profile photo
Jul 9
Cecilia Mena Sandoval left a comment on
"Thank you!!!!

I just e-mailed you."
Jun 4
Joseph Bartlett left a comment on
"Hello Cecilia. Please email me at joseph.bartlett@pearson.com and let me know what level of iLit you teach. I will send you the paper version of GRADE."
Jun 4

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    • Carly, this is something that I have struggled with too! If you are in the teacher tab, you can highlight the text and then Control-P to print, it will print. It looks terrible, but that is what I am using for progress monitoring. Sometimes I have them work in google Doc's so that I can capture drafts of their IR summary and critical response.
    • Hi Carly. You are not able to directly print. The best way to capture the student work is through screenshots.
  • What's the quickest way to find out about comprehending the Performance Tab on ilitell?
    • Hi Roger. Please check out the resources on mypearsontraining.com for this. We are also in the process of updating our data documentation.
  • How many grade levels below will the Interactive Reader go? I have a student reading at the lowest Interactive Reader in Level C. I need to know how low it is to know if it is at his instructional level.
  • I need iLit's adapted version of "Macbeth" in paper form. How can I access and print this for my students?
    • Hi Anna. All of the books in the iLit library are strictly digital versions. Though the books are digital in iLit, many can be purchased from outside booksellers.
  • Is it possible to turn off the audio for Interactive Readers?
    • Hi Amanda. There is not a way to turn off the audio for the IR. We can certainly discuss this with our developer for a possible solution.
  • Several of my students reading grades went down a ton and I am not sure how to go back and support them. Help!
This reply was deleted.